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Wine Prices - Italian and Australian wine prices lists. The Wine PocketList is a guide to top-rated wines, using a system that delivers solid, usable ratings. We've rated thousands of wines, with new wines added continually as they are released and judged.

Why do you use letter grades instead of something better known like the 100-point system?

A Rating Scale Everyone Can Understand and Use
Most of us are familiar with the 100-point system used by many of the top wine magazines. But we've seen experts and everyday wine lovers alike prove that this system alone can't assure consistent results. One reason is that different reviewers apply it differently. Another is that each of us has a different taste bias.

Then there are other systems, such as the highly regarded U.C. Davis 20 point system, and The Connoisseur's Guide to Wine well-known "puff" scale. How can one system take all these into account in a way everyone can understand? Our answer: letter grades.

Letter Grades; Only B+ or Better Included!
At the Wine PocketList, we search and compile wine reviews and ratings from the world's most highly regarded wine publications, and select only those wines that fit our parameters. Then our highly acclaimed proprietary system crunches the numbers to deliver a score that each of us can easily understand: letter grades.

By using A+, A, A- and B+ (anything lower and it's not special enough for a recommendation) we give you a better sense of what wines are worth a try based on their prices, how much you like the Varietal, what you know about the wineries' past wines, etc.


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Why do you use letter grades instead of something better known like the 100-point system?

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