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Best Wines - Best dessert wine and other cheap wine lists and critics favorites. The Wine PocketList is a guide to top-rated wines, using our system to deliver solid, usable ratings. We've rated thousands of wines, with new wines added continually as they are released and judged.

Finally: A Proven Way to Reliably and Consistently Find and Drink Only the Best Wines

The Wine PocketList provides solid, believable wine ratings in a format you can use. We'll help you find reasonably priced, highly-rated wines that you'll have a chance of finding at a local store. We want you to explore new wines and varietals with confidence, without spending a fortune. Some great finds are even, dare we say, downright cheap.

The Wine PocketList is a simple concept that has proven invaluable to our fans for many years, spotlighting wines they love at reasonable prices. Here are 8 things you need to know about the Wine PocketList:

  1. We Do the Homework for You: Our staff analyzes ALL wines reviewed in the major wine periodicals.
    Every month, our staff analyzes the hundreds of wines recently reviewed by wine critics around the world, choosing only the most highly rated and affordable wines from the top wine periodicals such as International Wine Cellar, Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and others. So instead of just one expert's opinion, the Wine PocketList gives you better odds of finding the best wine for you.
  2. We Only Include Highly Rated Wines.
    Of the hundreds of wines reviewed in periodicals each month, many review wines that don't make the cut. For some it's interesting to read about a $60 wine that scores an 87, but it's not very useful. After all, why drink it if it's only okay? That's why we only include wines that amass an average grade of B+ or better.
  3. We Focus on the Best Price.
    For most of us, spending even $20 on a bottle of wine is a big deal. And since we find thousands of highly rated wines each year for $30 or less whose scores go head-to-head with wines costing $40, $60, $80 a bottle and more, our subscribers spend less and get better wine.
  4. We Give You Wines You Actually Have a Chance of Finding.
    Why read about a spectacular wine with a production run of 225 cases, since it can only be found at the winery or through member's-only mailing lists? That's why we do our best to only include wines with production runs of over 1000 cases. And you can search for Widely Available wines (wines with a case production of 20,000 or more), increasing the odds you'll find it in your local store.
  5. We Keep You Current.
    There's no secret recipe to guarantee how a wine will score from one vintage to the next. Each year is different. Current and historical reviews in the Wine PocketList help narrow your search, rooting out wines resting on their (prior vintage) laurels and bringing new and unexpected gems to light.
  6. You Sort and Save Only the Wines You Want.
    For example, search "Cabernet" and "Merlot", click "A- and Above", click "$15 to $30" and hit "Search"! Within seconds you'll have a personalized wine shopping list. Select the best wines for you, print your list (which you can also save in your Virtual Cellar for future reference) and you're ready to shop. Click here for a Free Trial, and Set Up Your Own Virtual Cellar...
  7. This is a Grading System We Can All Understand.
    Rather than the sometimes confusing 100-point scale, where five points can mean the difference between greatness and obscurity, the Wine PocketList grades on a fairer - and easier to understand - letter grade scale. You'll only find wines graded A+, A, A-, and B+. Anything lower and why bother? (See Wine Numbers for more on this.)
  8. It's a Bargain: Save More Money, Drink Better Wine.
    How many mediocre bottles of wine did you purchase last year? If it was more than three, the Wine PocketList is a guaranteed money saver. Annual subscriptions are just $49, and 3-month trial subscriptions are also available for only $14.95. So Join Now and get IMMEDIATE, 24/7 access to our comprehensive database, with current lists, reviews and Wine PocketList recommendations at your fingertips every week.

If you'd like to learn more about the Wine PocketList, such as specifics on our rating system, our history or questions about membership, just visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, email us at getinfo@winepocketlist.com, or call us at 415-526-2652. Cheers!

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